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We look for talented people with business expansion.
Anyone who is positive, ambitious and eager to work will be welcome.
Each employee's improvement of ability leads to development of our company.
Various types of working (ex. SOHO) are considered in terms of employment. (as far as connection of network is possible.)

  1. Software engineer
    sequence control design and engineering from the hardware to a software.
    An experienced man will be considered treatment as ability.
    An inexperienced person who wants to master a technical skill is also welcome.
    If you aim to start your own business in the future, we can support you.
  2. Web designer or consultant
  3. Technical sales manager, sales manager
    Sales work of network communication
  4. Specialist of an open system
    Design and development of client server system and intranet system on the basis of WindowsNT/95,UNIX.
    An experienced person on network constructing is welcome. (GroupWare (LotusNotes,Exchange), LAN, WAN, etc...)
  5. System operator
    System administrator(UNIX, PC, LAN/WAN)
  6. Maintenance specialist
    System maintenance of television set of assembly manufacturers under a major corporation.
  7. CAD operator
    Drawing, writing comments, documents by control CAD.
  8. Assisting specialist for PC school
    PC instructor at a beginner's course of Ichitaro, Loatus, Word, Excel in the public training school and business and industry society.
    Starting to assist our lesson, you can be an instructor after you get experience.
  • Salary
    monthly pay, more than 200,000 yen after taxes (Outside order system is also prepared), treated well by according to the company rules.
  • Insurances
    employees' accident compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, etc, are all provided.
  • Place of employment
    Aichi pref (mainly Ichinomiya city), duty abroad, Overseas or domestic business trip
  • Holiday
    according to the company holiday rules.

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